Catered Event Planning

cateringThe Catered Events Module, allows food service locations to plan and account for special events that fall outside their normal operations.

During the planning process, the Catered Event Maintenance program provides the user with dynamic menu cost calculations based on last (or replacement) purchase price which can assist them in determining a price for the event.

The program also allows the user to utilize the concept of menu choices to make the process of entering menus even more simple.  For example, an operation could create a “Standard Box Lunch” Menu that has a different number of choices for each of the menu categories (Choose 1 of 5 sandwiches, choose 2 of 8 side selections, choose 1 of 6 desserts).  This method of menu creation makes it simple to build the event since all the user has to do is add the menu to the event and use checkboxes to make the selections within each category.

After the planning process is complete, the program will generate the information required for purchasing the raw products as well as the final production documents (i.e. recipes, pick sheets, etc).

Additionally, Catered Events are tracked in the system and can be accounted for in the various financial analysis reports.

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