FoodPro® Food Management Software

Aurora Information Systems’ FoodPro is a robust software suite that provides food service operations with a comprehensive management solution.


FoodPro is comprised of modules that work together to mimic all of the tasks that a food service operation has to do to run its business on any given day: Menu Planning and Costing, Forecasting, Purchasing, Inventory Control, Food Production, and Financial Analysis.

Additionally, since FoodPro is modular, the system can be easily modified, expanded, or upgraded as required as a food service operation evolves.


The benefit of FoodPro is that it is a cohesive solution that binds multiple locations within an operation together which then allows for greater accuracy with regard to recipe maintenance, inventory controls, and transfer of product (raw and prepared).  The system also provides a common set of tools to analyze and evaluate costs, popularity, and profitability.

The integrated modules and programs provide reliable, timely reporting to the leadership of your food service operation with specific emphasis on inventory control, cost reporting, and precision control of your food production and kitchen operations.  Strategic implementation of information technology for the food service department contributes to supporting the financial bottom-line through dynamic quality and budget control.

Reduced Cost and Reduced Waste

FoodPro supports just-in-time inventory and purchasing with versatile production forecasting and precise recipe scaling which leads to lower inventory carrying costs, reduced inventory shrinkage, reduced food waste, and considerable cost cutting.

The software’s cost planning and reporting features lead to informed, proactive decision-making in food service operations through every step of the management process, from menu planning and purchasing through all service areas—including cafeterias, food courts, restaurants, concessions, and catering or special functions.

Customer Focused

Aurora Information Systems’ unique systems maintenance and user support programs guarantees that FoodPro will always be current and state-of-the-art.  Software enhancements are constantly under development and are released after quality control testing under the terms of the maintenance program.

Comprehensive and ongoing training on the FoodPro system is one of the most important services we provide. At Aurora, we believe that the success of our company depends on the performance of our systems in the field and we invite you to speak to any of our current users.

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