Nutritive Analysis

naThe Nutritive Analysis module provides operations with the capability to calculate the nutrient content of their ingredients, recipes, and menus.

End-users can generate various reports using nutrient groups (which are comprised of any combination of nutrients).  These reports are printed in tabular or bar graph format showing comparisons to nutrient standards.

The Nutritive Analysis Module uses nutrient data from an external database which includes USDA’s Standard Reference Legacy Nutrient Database as well as data from tens of thousands of branded products submitted by food manufacturers.  In addition, custom nutrient data for branded or manufactured items (that are not contained in the external database) may be added to FoodPro as needed.

When inventory items are linked from the nutrient database to FoodPro, the method of preparation is taken into account so as to have the most accurate nutrition information as possible.

In addition to nutritive data, FoodPro can also assist users in tracking potential allergens (as defined by the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004) for their inventory items and recipes. Allergens are displayed on Food Labels and can also be prominently displayed using icons or pictures using Menus on the Web.

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