Menus on the Web & Interactive Nutritive Reporting

Menus on the Web can enhance departmental marketing efforts by displaying daily menu offerings and since it is interactive, customers are more informed of their choices before even entering the dining location.  When the Nutritive Analysis Module is also installed within FoodPro, customers will be able to review interactive nutritive reports as well as Nutrition Fact Labels.

General Features:

  • Display menus by location, up to 2 weeks in advance
  • Utilize colored text, icons, item descriptions, and pictures to provide additional information to your guests.
  • Use Legend or Allergen (if available) filtering to hide items matching the user-defined criteria.  Alternatively, the filters can be used to display only those items that match the criteria.
    • For example, users can choose to hide all items identified with a vegetarian designation or they can choose to only display items that are designated as vegetarian.
    • Filtering also works with Allergens in a similar fashion
  • Search for Favorite Foods across locations and/or days

Presented as a content management system, the Web Preferences program allows authorized users to define and modify the fields that make up the website.  For example, users can user header and footer fields to present hours of operation, daily messages, or other information.

Additionally, a mobile website is available to be used for operations with the Menus on the Web Module.  It will work on any mobile device that has access to the internet.  The site has been optimized to work within the smaller display environment, but it still retains all of the features that the main website offers.

Food service operations can use the web pages developed for the module as-is or they can make modifications to them so that the fit within any marketing or branding already in place.

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