Accounts Payable Interface

The Accounts Payable Interface Module allows a food service operation to pass their AP data from FoodPro to a third-party software system used by their administrative accounting department. Once invoices have been entered into FoodPro, the interface file is generated using the AP Approvals program.

The FoodPro Accounts Payable Approval Program allows accounting staff to access all receipts (invoices, delivery tickets, and credits) entered into FoodPro. In addition, non-FoodPro invoices may also be entered directly into the AP Approvals program. Common examples of invoices of this type would be invoices for subscriptions, utilities, capital expenditures (charged to individual operating accounts), repair/service calls, or other dining services receipts currently not accounted for through FoodPro invoice entry.

While FoodPro is a multi-user system with many users able to access the same individual programs at any given time, the AP Approvals program, due to its nature, has been designed to allow only a limited pool of users (up to 4) to access the program at any given time.  This benefit of this is that it minimizes potential mistakes while increasing overall security.

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