User Group

The FoodPro User Group is comprised of all current customers.  The purpose of the User Group is:

  • To promote and encourage the effective use of FoodPro among all users
  • To provide Aurora Information Systems with coordinated feedback on the enhancement and ongoing development of FoodPro.

These objectives are generally accomplished through the sharing of information and cooperative interaction, primarily at the Annual User Group Conference.

The User Group, as a body, is represented by the Advisory Board.  The Advisory Board are users that have been elected to oversee the planning of the Annual User Group Conference and meet with staff of Aurora Information Systems during the Annual Advisory Board Meeting.

2018-2019 Advisory Board

Data Steward

Jason Schroer
Operations Coordinator
Ohio University
Vice Chair
South & Central Regions Representative

Elena Laudani
Business Applications Manager
Harvard University
Northeast Region Representative

Holly Maines
FoodPro Coordinator
Syracuse University
West Region Representative

Chris Wible
FoodPro Coordinator
University of California Los Angeles
Director Liaison

Billie Jane Bach
Culinary Director
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Conference Chair

Gayle Meisner
Systems Administrator
University of Connecticut