Release Bulletins

FoodPro Product Bulletin Release 2.8
INSIDE THIS RELEASE: MyFoodPro, Maintain Nutrient Database, Warehouse Module, Service Needs Maintenance, Miscellaneous Updates, Global Recipe, Menu Item Cost Summary, Catering Sales Office, News & Information.  Click Here to Download

FoodPro Product Bulletin Release 2.7
INSIDE THIS RELEASE: Purchase Recap, Global Recipe Maintenance, Menu Category Maintenance, Service Needs Maintenance, Global Inventory Maintenance, Search Nutrient Values of Recipes, Commissary Production, Menus On The Web, Catering Sales Office, News & Information.     Click Here to Download.

FoodPro Product Bulletin Release 2.6
INSIDE THIS RELEASE: PDA Inventory, Inventory Shelf Labels, UPC Maintenance, Vendor Maintenance, Daily Messages, Lockout Messages, Global Recipe, Master Lists, Transfer Detail Analysis, Order Group Maintenance, Recipe/Items Served Report, Miscellaneous Updates, News & Information.     Click Here to Download.

FoodPro Product Bulletin Release 2.5
INSIDE THIS RELEASE: Global Inventory, Service Record Entry, Menus On The Web, Service Needs Maintenance, Inventory Count Book, ACI Maintenance, Warehouse Master Lists, Ingredient Pre-Prep Production Order, Global Recipe, Applets, Replace Ingredient, Nutritive Analysis Updates, New Waste Tracking and Reporting Module, News & Information.     Click Here to Download.